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Everyone knows the Swiss Army knife is a great gadget to carry around outdoors and also for indoors where it can come into use in a wide variety of situations with a wide variety of tools packed into a single kit.

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Here’s one multi-tool gadget that doesn’t come in the shape like a Swiss Army knife, but comes as a group of tiny tools integrated into an iPhone 5 case.

The IN1 case is an iPhone 5 case that comes with mini tools integrated into its design. First of all it comes with a kickstand that allows the iPhone to stand up for hands-free usage. It also comes with a pair of pens, blue and red in color for writing, in addition to a Phillips and flat-head screwdriver, scissors, nail file, tweezers and tooth pick where they can be slotted into the case during storage and taken out for use quickly when needed.

You may not be carrying a multi-gadget tool along all the time but if you have an iPhone, you’ll most probably have a case to go along with it. For aspiring and full-fledged Mr. Fixits and gadget-guys, this is the perfect case to go along with that title.

For times when a multi-tool is needed, there won’t be a need to bring along a set of tools along especially for times when you least expect it.

A useful multi-tool gadget that comes integrated with an iPhone 5 case.

The IN1 Case comes in 3 base colors, black, white, and clear and retails for $44.95 from IN1 case website.