inflatable salad bar

Need to chill a large amount of food at a party? Here’s one way of doing it easily by using an inflatable salad bar. This inflatable contraption lets you place ice or ice packs at the bottom while keeping cool the stuff that’s supposed to stay chill.

The inflatable salad bar acts like a giant tub that is able to hold punch bowls, salads on top of the ice it can contain. Air within the inflatable bladder is a pretty good insulator of heat, therefore it will be able to keep the contents cooler for a longer period of time compared to using a common metal serving tray.

Not only it is quick to set up with a portable air compressor, the design also makes it easy for transportation and storage since most of its volume consists only of air. It can probably be used as a giant serving tray right in the middle of the pool as well since its able to float.

The inflatable salad bar is made of PVC material, measures 51.5×24.5×5 inches and retails for $10.55 from