The Piegato is a simple bookshelf that allows you to customise the number of shelves you actually want. Initially it is just a piece of sheet metal with etches and cuts on it but after a few simple tweaks it turns into a minimalistic and functional piece of furniture.

Piegato Instant Shelf

Instant Shelf 2

The Piegato is a cleverly designed shelf that emerges out of a piece of sheet steel that is powder coated and laser cut. All you have to do to turn it into a shelf is to hold the piece against the wall and attach it with two screws at the top. Next you can choose to open any or all of the shelves by bending the specially laser cut steel pieces into place. The shelf is formed without using any tools. You are able to bend them into place and the pieces will attach to each other at the correct places. Any unopened set will simply act as a magnetic board for notes and stuff.

The shelves come in 3 colours, black, white and gold. Prices start from €129 (SGD$386) at MRDO’s online store.

Product Page via CubeMe