paper soap

This is a convenient set of paper soap that turns into liquid soap when it comes into contact with water. Besides providing the huge convenience of allowing one to pack light, they also provide a form of backup in case soap is needed urgently outdoors.

There are three types of soap provided in this set namely shampoo, hand soap and body wash. Having them come as neat little sheets of paper in small cases means one never has to pack heavy and large bottles of soap and shampoo in their traveling baggage again.

These paper soap will most probably not be the specific brands of soap and shampoo that one uses the most often but it’s surely worth the convenience for vacations. However, they should not be handled or picked up with wet hands in case the entire pack of paper soap turns into a pile of mush.

The set of 3 cases of soap comes with 30 sheets of paper soap each and goes for $13.75 at The Spoon Sisters. In the meantime, let’s hope our preferred brands of soap will come with this design and packaging in the future.