Springfield is a small city where one of TV’s popular obnoxious family lives, but how many of you know that much thought has been put down in the planning of the city that the Simpson’s live in? In fact, there is such a map that actually displays the entire layout of the city so real you may have thought it existed.

 springfield simpsons home

Check out this interactive map of Springfield that shows the entire city in a ‘Google street-view’ interactive format of the cartoon family’s hometown. Here are some shots of the more recognizable landmarks often featured in the cartoon.

Springfield Elementary:

springfield elementary school

Apu’s Kwik-E-Mart:

springfield kwik-e-mart

Krusty Burger:

springfield krusty burger

Moe’s Tavern:

springfield moe's bar

Mr Burns’ Nuclear Power Plant (where Homer and his buddies work):

springfield nuclear power plant