Using your body as a controller to play games is not new, and you may or may not have seen it with Sony’s Playstation console. The GX-10 is a webcam you can hook up to your computer for playing such interactive games.

interactive-gaming with the GX-10 webcam

With three bundled games in the package, the webcam should provide hours of fun, or at least until you break a sweat.

Check out a video demo of someone playing one of the interactive games. Too bad it doesn’t show whether the game supports multiple players. Guess not.

Video demo of the GX-10 used in a game:

This is a pretty fresh way of gaming on the PC platform and has the potential to catch on as a new revolution of PC gaming just like what the Wii did for consoles.

ThinkGeek is currently selling the GX-10 webcam bundled with three interactive games for US$34.99 (~S$48.54).

Product Page via Techeblog