ios remote control spy tank 1

Armed with a camera, this unmanned spy tank is a cool remote-controlled mini vehicle that can be driven around the house. Without having to physically walk around yourself, simple fire up your iOS device such as an iPod, iPhone or iPad and use the spy tank’s app for navigation.

ios remote control spy tank 2

ios remote control spy tank 3

The remote controlled spy tank also comes with a microphone besides the camera so it will be able to pick up and transmit both video and audio from the source and beam it via a dedicated adhoc Wi-Fi signal back to your device for instant surveillance.

Watch the video of the iOS remote control spy tank in action below:



One can choose to drive the spy tank using an arrow interface or by using the steering wheel mode where you can tilt and rotate your iOS device to navigate the tank around the house.

One cool toy that is definitely fun for the tech geeks around. The iOS remote control spy tank is powered by 6 AA batteries and retails for $149.99 at Brookstone.