bookbook ipad book disguise

This is an iPad case that not only protects the iPad from scratches and bumps but also doubles up as a cool disguise and a carrying case. The BookBook for iPad by Twelve South is a hardback leather carrying case that makes the iPad look like a book on the outside.

bookbook ipad carrying case stand bookbook ipad book style carrying case

The BookBook secures the iPad within its protective leather cover using elastic bands and comes with a strap on the outside that allows both ends to turn into an impromptu stand. This will be great for watching movies and video clips on the desk without having to prop the iPad up perpetually with both hands.

With this leather carrying case the iPad can also be held like a regular book for reading e-books and articles. It’ll be quite funny to make people think you’re reading an old classic when in fact you’re just watching funny video clips with a straight face.

The cool thing is that the iPad can also be stored in the bookshelf when not in use without being out of place. Just remember which one holds the disguised iPad if you have a really huge collection of books. The Twelve South BookBook leather carrying case for the iPad retails for $69.99 at Amazon.