ipad tablet charging floor stand 1

There are many ways to use an iPad without holding it up with one hand all the time. Here’s one sturdy iPad stand that will make using a tablet less of an arm-sore.

ipad tablet charging floor stand 2

ipad tablet charging floor stand 3

The Tsir Tech 300 is a stand that is able to hold an iPad and tablets for a hands-free experience. For watching a video clip, movie or reading on the tablet, the stand will be able to secure it in mid air and be adjusted to different heights suitable for use whether standing, sleeping, or lying in bed.

Besides being useful as a tablet stand, when there is no tablet in place, the back comes with a set of LED lights that allows it to double up as a reading lamp. Right in the middle of the stand, there’s also a smartphone holder so you’ll also be able to respond to messages and notifications on a smartphone quickly and easily.

A useful floor stand that will be useful for hands-free tablet usage.

The iPad/tablet charging floor stand retails for $49.99 from Amazon.