iphone 4 teardown decal

This odd-looking iPhone 4 decal looks nothing like the typical iPhone 4 decals I have ever seen. Instead of making the iPhone 4 look better cosmetically, this decal somehow manages to make it look like one that’s destined for the recycling center.

The ironic thing is that the main purpose of this iPhone 4 decal is its capability to protect the iPhone from scratches, despite ’exposing’ the electronic components within.

This iPhone 4 teardown decal is made from vinyl with a sticky side that goes on the back of the phone that ultimately makes it look as if the back plate of the phone is invisible, revealing the parts that would have been otherwise hidden such as the screws, battery and uncovered camera lens.

This iPhone 4 teardown decal is one that’s only fit for the ultimate geek who truly appreciates the iPhone’s inner beauty other than its exterior. Available on Etsy for $8.99.

Just for the sake of comparison, an iPhone 3G from a few years back was also given such a treatment, although in a much bolder manner. Instead of using a decal like the one above, the real back casing of the iPhone was replaced with a transparent cover that reveals the components inside.

transparent iphone

I won’t say it’s as beautiful as a brand new and shiny iPhone, but a modded piece of consumer electronics product is always interesting to look at.