iphone case model kit set 1

Here’s an iPhone case that is sure to attract those who are familiar with plastic model kits, an iPhone case that needs to be assembled before it can be used.

iphone case model kit set 2

This iPhone case from Japan does not exist in a single piece that is typical of all the iPhone cases we know of. It comes in the form of model kit parts that have to be assembled piece by piece from plastic sprues.

iphone case model kit set 3

Apart from the obvious fact that you have to build the case has to be built from scratch, the best part about it is that the parts that make up this iPhone case come in many colors so different colored kits and matched to create a unique color theme according to preference.

iphone case model kit set 4

It takes a bit skill to assemble an iPhone case like this from scratch, but the joy is definitely the process of making a smartphone case that one can call their own. The best thing is that once you get bored of a certain color theme, you can get a kit with completely different colored parts and assemble a new iPhone case again.

The iPhone case model kit set is compatible with iPhone 4 and 4S and retails for 2,940 yen from Japanese online retailer Zenus.