iphone dancing face robot stand 1

Wish you could dance all the time anywhere you want? Here’s one iPhone stand that lets you or whoever you want to dance on top of your desk on command.

iphone dancing face robot stand 2

The iPhone animation face dancing robot is a stand for the iPhone that brings fun. All you need it to download the app that works with the robotic dancing suit, take a picture of yourself, a friend or family member and pop your iPhone into it. Then simply hit play and watch the show.

On the display screen, the selected face will begin to show different expressions, while the robot with the iPhone set in place will start to dance. You don’t need even need to learn how to dance, because the robot will do it in your place.

Watch the video of the iPhone dancing face robot stand in action below:



A fun toy that brings a smile to everyone while also being useful as an iPhone stand.

The iPhone dancing face robot comes in 3 colors, blue, red, and white and retails for $29.90 from Brando Toys.