This cool iPhone dock turns the iPhone into a classic landline phone. Well, not quite, but only in terms of its appearance. The PhonexPhone by Hashi Topin as it’s being called, is a novelty gadget for the iPhone made as a docking station.

This interesting gadget transforms the iPhone into a one that looks just like an ordinary landline phone for homes. While it’s sort of marketed to us as a novelty gadget, it still does come with a touch of usefulness. For example, while using the handset for taking calls, the iPhone’s screen is left free for jotting down notes or playing games.

To pick up an end calls, simply press on the button found on the receiver. Besides having the capability to handle calls, the button on the receiver can also be used to control music playback from the iPhone. Press once to start playing music, twice and thrice in quick succession to move back or forward in the playlist respectively.

Watch the video of the PhonexPhone in action:



The PhonexPhone iPhone docking station is available for 2,000 yen in Japan.