iphone finger touch pad 1

There are many simply smartphone games out that that require games to touch any part of the screen to play. More often than not, the requirement is to press repeatedly on the screen to do the same thing over and over. Here’s one interesting touch pad that lets you play games without needing to touch the screen directly.

iphone finger touch pad 2

iphone finger touch pad 3

This smartphone gadget called the ‘Finger Touch Pad’ is an attachment for the iPhone. It is made to be attached to the bottom of the screen over the home button. How it works is that by using conductivity, it is able to transfer the touch from your finger to the touchscreen of the phone, which will help to reduce wear on the touchscreen and also protect it from fingerprint stains while playing games.

On the other side of the touch pad is a screen cleaner, so it can be used for keeping the screen of the iPhone clean.

Watch the video of the finger touch pad in action below:



A useful gadget that will be useful for keeping the screen of the iPhone clean even when playing games.

The iPhone finger touch pad retails for 799 yen from Donya JP.