polaroid iphone case 1

polaroid iphone case 2

Here’s one iPhone case design that is sure to be really handy if it becomes reality. This iPhone polaroid case concept from designer Mac Funamizu essentially is a convenient polaroid camera built into the case of an iPhone that comes with the ability to print instant photographs on the go.

The difference between a polaroid camera and an iPhone equipped with this polaroid case like this is that the latter version will be able to make use of the iPhone’s geolocation capability to print geo-tagged maps and QR codes which will do a nice job of complementing the photographs with extra information. Not forgetting that the best part about it is that there will never be a need to connect the iPhone to the computer and subsequently to a printer just to retrieve a photograph in print form ever again.

Pretty neat idea for a Polaroid-style iPhone case, which will be useful for holidays and travelling. As there looks like there isn’t any space available to contain unused polaroid blanks, they will have to be stored somewhere else instead. Definitely one product I’ll like to see turn into reality.