It was recently reported that South Koreans have found that using a sausage instead of their own finger eliminates the need to remove their gloves just to use the iPhone in the freezing cold, and now it has started to become a trend for Koreans to buy sausages instead of an actual stylus for that purpose.

Having caught on to the trend, this wise guy came up with the idea to play the iPhone game ‘Taiko Drum Master’ with a pair of sausages as drumsticks instead of his fingers!


The interesting thing about using these snack sausages from South Korea’s CJ Corporation is that they actually work with the touchscreen in their unwrapped form, which will keep the iPhone’s screen safe from oily smears.

There’s still another advantage of owning a sausage stylus over a conventional one: you’ll always have one to gnaw on whenever you’re feeling hungry!