iphone universal remote kit

This is an iPhone universal remote control kit that turns your iPhone into a universal remote control able to control anything from the TV, stereo and even home-lighting.

Many electrical appliances can be controlled by infrared remote controls these days. The most common being the TV, DVD player and the air-conditioner. Sometimes it can be a headache to sort and figure out which remote control is for which device and troublesome to find out whether one is faulty or just a case of dead batteries.

Just like a 3rd-party universal remote control, after the universal remote kit has been plugged into the iPhone it’ll be able to control most devices that can be commanded via infrared signals.

The free iPhone app that comes with it allows for macros as well, which lets you control different devices simultaneously after a bit of tinkering with the software. Surely, having a user interface displayed on an iPhone’s screen does make a universal remote much simpler to use. $69.95, Hammacher Schlemmer.