iPoint 3D is a display system that requires no remote controls or getting up to touch the screen for communication. All the user needs to do is to perform simple gestures to interact with the screen!

iPoint 3D gesture based interactive display system

The iPoint 3D system consists of a display screen and a couple of cameras that detect the user’s hands to recognize gestures. After the detection system has been installed in the ceiling or into a piece of furniture such as a coffee table, the user will be able to control or communicate with the screen during a game or for navigating menus.

One application of the iPoint 3D system will be the ability to control appliances. For example, a mom having her hands wet while washing vegetables can simply gesture to switch off the bathroom lights on the second floor forgetfully left on by the kids. This is done without having mom to physically climb to the second floor or even having to get her hands dry in the first place.

This definitely looks to be a really useful system for the future of intelligent homes not only for gaming purposes but as a central control hub as well.

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