ipound capacitive touch screen stylus pen

It’s true that tablet and smartphone display screens have gotten pretty strong these days, and some of the strongest ones can probably withstand the scratching power of a sharp nail. Here’s one stylus that does look like a nail, but will not destroy the display screen of your precious tablet.

The iPound is a capacitive touch screen stylus pen that lets one interact with the interface of a touchscreen smartphone or tablet PC instead of using a finger. It does not come in a small size but in a big bold shape that can be held quite comfortably in the hand. Best of all, it doesn’t look like an ordinary looking stylus pen, but in the form of a nail which is sure to capture quite a bit of attention.

A good fit for those who are not accustomed to using their fingers to type and surf on a touchscreen. And just because it looks cool.

The iPound capacitive stylus pen retails for $9.99 from Perpetual Kid.