ispoon kitchen stylus and wooden spoon combo

When it comes to cooking in the kitchen, our hands are kept busy most of the time. When a phone or tablet needs to be picked up for referring to an online recipe, you won’t want to touch the screen with your hands and get the touchscreen smeared by grease and food bits.

Here’s one gadget that combines both cooking and smartphone touchscreen technology – a stylus that has been combined with a wooden spoon. The spoon side can be used as a spatula for cooking and also as a spoon for eating. When it comes to using the touchscreen of a smartphone or tablet, simply flip it over to the stylus end and you won’t need to use your fingers. A stylus and spoon combo that is perfect for times when you have a tablet or smartphone on a stand while cooking or having a meal.

An interesting gadget that is useful and great as a gift for a chef and someone who loves cooking.

THe iSpoon kitchen stylus wooden spoon and stylus combo retails for $7.95 from CB2.