itable ultra multipurpose desktop accessory 1

Here’s the iTable from Thanko Japan. It doesn’t come with just a few purposes, but is packed with nine. A smartphone stand, cup holder, and built-in stereo speakers just to name a few.

itable ultra multipurpose desktop accessory 2

itable ultra multipurpose desktop accessory 3

Clad in a clean and simple-looking white color, the iTable looks to be an ultimate desktop accessory for a workspace. The highlight is obviously the smartphone stand it comes with, but it also has a host of other features that will be useful for computing at the desktop.

It comes with compartment to hold stuff like stationery, a built in USB hub that you can connect to a desktop or laptop computer to extend the number of USB ports or to make them more accessible. Also, it comes with a HDD stage rack that allows you to plug a full sized HDD for use as external storage.

At one side of the iTable feature slots for various cards for its card-reader function while on the other side is a nifty cup holder that will hold a cup of beverage as you work. The last is that it comes with slots that holds stuff like business cards. Best of all is that it is made to come with legs at either side so it’ll fit nicely over the width of a keyboard at an elevated height.

One clean-looking desktop accessory that is multipurpose and practical for day-to-day use.

The iTable retails for 5480 yen from Thanko JP.