iphone 4 coffee table itableous 1


Made to look like a giant iPhone, the iPhone 4 to be precise, this coffee table computer prototype called the iTableous by Benjamin Bachmeier has all the stuff needed to amaze everyone that ever has the chance to see it.

iphone 4 coffee table itableous 2

iphone 4 coffee table itableous 3

Running on PC hardware that has the capability to dual boot into Mac OS via hackintosh or into Windows 7 Pro, this extremely large iPhone/coffee table will eliminate the need for magazines or the morning paper with your usual cup of coffee in the mornings to receive daily updates on news and current events. When stuff like this starts to get popular, it will surely make headway for a revolution in the lifestyle for the current and future generations.

Watch the iTableous giant iPhone 4 coffee table in all its glory in the videos below:




The cool thing is that users do not need to strain their necks to view the display of the giant iPhone for the 40” Toshiba LED display which is embedded into the tabletop rotates to a vertical position so movies and videos can be enjoyed even while lounging on the couch.

Unfortunately, this giant iPhone 4 does not come with iOS found on its smaller counterpart nor does it support touchscreen controls. However a set of peripherals consisting of a wireless keyboard and mouse will provide the necessary interface controls.

Definitely one cool smartphone themed coffee table that everyone will want for their home and office.