itouch gloves for iphone

For iPhone users who use gloves in cold weather, there can be nothing more troublesome and somewhat uncomfortable than having to remove a glove just to use the iPhone and iPod touch. The capacitive touchscreen on the iPhone simply does not work with typical styluses so these conductive gloves that work with the iPhone do seem like a godsend.

For the capacitive touchscreen to work, it needs to sense the conductivity from the user’s fingertips in order to receive an input. As these conductive gloves come with a property that mimic the conductivity of human hands, it’ll work with the capacitive touchscreen of the iPhone and many models of smartphones today.

Watch a video of the iTouch gloves for the iPhone in action:



These iTouch gloves not only help to keep your hands warm but will also eliminate the hassle of having to remove your glove just to use the iPhone’s interface. Available in three colors, black, blue and pink for 1,890 yen per pair at D-Forme.