Usually casings for handhelds especially for touchscreen gadgets come with a hole for the screen portion, leaving the actual touchscreen vulnerable to abuse from the stylus or dirty fingers. Here’s the world’s first casing that covers the entire iPhone 3G, including its screen!

ivyskin touch sensitive iPhone 3G skin

The iPhone 3G case by IVYSKIN is one casing that will protect the entire iPhone 3G from the elements. The most important feature would be the protection of the touch-sensitive screen with a special German-made material.

The screen portion of the casing is made from a special material using Surface Xylo Wave Technology, therefore contact made from fingers on this material will register on the iPhone 3G. This ensures your iPhone 3G stays as new as the day you bought it. Ingenious!

IVYSKIN via cellphonebeat

Video demo of XyloT3 by IVYSKIN: