iwrench mobile phone stand

This is one wrench designed not to fix stuff like your plumbing or gadgets but is in fact a mobile phone stand made to look like it. When attached to a mobile phone or media player with a display, it keeps the screen up so you can watch videos and movies on your gadgets without using your hand to keep it up or spend time looking for suitable random stuff to prop it up.

The iWrench adjusts just like a real wrench. It can be adjusted to fit most bar-phones and media players so you’ll probably only need one of these even if you have a bunch of gadgets with display screens. Tt is made of plastic so it won’t damage your gadgets but also because of that, it can’t be used to fix hardware like toilets or washbasins.

One stand that is very unique-looking and surely a suitable gift for those who love to fix, modify and repair stuff on their own.

The iWrench mobile phone stand retails for $7.99 from Perpetual Kid.