jam flat collapsible wooden side table 1

Here’s one side table that is great for places with little room. Even though it looks minimalistic, it still gives off a sense of richness in design. However, the true attraction point of this wooden side table is its ability to be collapsible and store flat when its not needed.

jam flat collapsible wooden side table 2

jam flat collapsible wooden side table 3

The Jam wooden collapsible side table is made of birch plywood and finished with a biodegradable finish. Not only can it be used as a side table, the flat surface also makes it suitable for use as a stool.

A nice touch in the design of the stool is the cotton rope that act as the hinges and holds the three parts of the table together, offering a nice little contrast in texture to the overall wooden look.

A useful and nice looking side table/stool that will look great in homes with modern and minimalistic themes.

The wooden collapsible side table retails for $225 from MomaStore.