japanese diy macaron baking kit 1

Here’s one Japanese baking kit that lets you make your own tasty macarons. Not only does it make it simple to make traditional-looking ones, it also lets you make different shapes such as a heart or rabbit-faced macaron.

japanese diy macaron baking kit 2

japanese diy macaron baking kit 3

The kit comes with all of the tools needed to make the macarons. Using the recipe provided, simply use the crank-up mixing bowl to mix the batter for the macaron shells. Once the batter has been prepared, it can then be placed in the mold provided for baking.

After the shells are baked, you can put any filling of your liking such as cream, chocolate or jam for a bunch of tasty and beautiful-looking treats to share with family and friends.

A useful macaron baking kit for first timers who want to try a hand at making their own macarons. Since all of the tools needed to make them are provided, there is no need to get the tools individually. Surely after some practice, you will be confident enough to experiment with more ideas and eventually become an expert at making macarons that you can truly call your own.

The Japanese DIY macaron baking kit retails for 1,619 yen from Rakuten Global.