japanese egg-shelling kitchen gadget 1

Shelling hard-boiled eggs can be quite a difficult task for some of us, and for those without nimble fingers it can be quite impossible to produce a perfect looking-one without accidently breaking the egg-white. There is a couple of ways to peel an egg manually, such as:

Rolling it on the countertop and peeling off the egg shell in a single piece;



Or the alternative method of making two holes at either end of the egg and giving it a blow to get the egg to pop out as demonstrated in the video below:



Here’s one Japanese gadget spotted at Rocketnews24 that makes use of the ‘blowing’ method to shell a hard-boiled egg, but in a more hygienic way.

The principle is the same, which is by making two holes at both ends of the egg and then placing the egg on the stand. Next, instead of using a human mouth, something that looks like a balloon pump is placed over the egg to pop it out of its shell with air pressure.

japanese egg-shelling kitchen gadget 2

japanese egg-shelling kitchen gadget 3

With a good push, from the bottom out comes a shelled hard-boiled egg ready to be eaten.

Watch the Japanese egg-shelling kitchen gadget in action in the video below:



One interesting and convenient way to peel hard-boiled eggs, especially if preparing them for a large number of people at a party or gathering.