japanese handy potato chip tongs 1

Here’s one interesting promotion campaign from Seven Eleven in Japan. A pair of tongs that comes as a free gift for selected snacks bought from its convenience store outlets in Japan.

japanese handy potato chip tongs 2

These springy tongs are great for picking up potato chips from snack packets without getting your hands and fingers greasy. Pretty much works the same like the potechi hand potato chip tool that we have seen before, where it replaces your fingers for picking up individual chips. Definitely great for those who want to grab a quick snack while they are still at work, but do not want to soil whatever they’re working on, be it the computer keyboard or a book.

japanese handy potato chip tongs 3

Not only does the pair of tongs work as handy potato chip picking gadgets, the top of the tongs also act as a temporary clip for an unfinished pack of snacks.

One cool item to look out for if you happen to be in Japan during the promotion period that starts from March 26th 2012 in Seven Eleven outlets, while stocks last.

Meanwhile if you don’t have any means to grab one of these cool snack tongs, it is still possible to make use of this idea by using a pair of small ice-tongs or a pair of spring-loaded trainer chopsticks to come up with your own pair of handy potato chip tongs.