japanese kaomoji earphone jack accessory kita

Many of us already by now know what Japanese kaomoji are, and that’s the very expressive set of emoticon faces constructed using computer text and symbols which originate from Japan. These Japanese emoticons, or kaomoji are the most commonly used emoticons when it comes to communicating on social networks on the Internet.

Here’s a one emoticon that doesn’t exist in cyberspace, but in real life. Besides being used for communicating your mood, it can also help to prevent dust by plugging into the earphone jack of your smartphone or media player when not in use.

japanese kaomoji earphone jack accessory shaki-n

japanese kaomoji earphone jack accessory shobo-n

The Japanese kaomoji earphone jack accessory comes as a face with text emoticons printed on it. At the back Japanese characters are printed to show what the emoticons mean. Three designs are available and they each display a different expression namely ‘kita-’ – an excited expression, ‘shaki-n’ – a smug face, and ‘shobo-n’ – a dejected mood.

If you have more than one of these kaomoji earphone plugs, it’ll be possible to choose one to match your current mood of the day to plug into your smartphone before you head out everyday.

The Japanese kaomoji emoticon earphone jack accessory retails for 380 yen from Strapya-World.