japanese kaomoji faces soft toys little men 1

Here’s a bunch of soft toys suitable for use as keychains or mobile phone straps. They come in little men with faces, however in this case their faces aren’t like any of the soft toys we’ve seen for they come with Japanese kaomoji faces instead.

japanese kaomoji faces soft toys little men 2

japanese kaomoji faces soft toys little men 3


If you are familiar with Japanese anime culture, you’ll also probably be quite familiar with Japanese kaomoji, or emoticons. These emoticons serve pretty much the same purpose as their western counterparts but come in greater variety and can be quite expressive so they are often used together with text messages to convey the emotion of the writer in a quick and simple way.

For those who are quite used to seeing the emoticons appear in forums and websites should more or less know what the emoticon faces mean; even if you take a guess just by looking at their faces you won’t be far off from its actual meaning. Certainly one cute accessory to showcase your love for modern Japanese culture.

They are made in the form of microbeads cushions and measure 7x11cm in size. The little men soft toys with kaomoji faces retail for 299 yen each from Rakuten Global.