japanese samurai armor style cooking apron 1

Here’s a bunch of cookings apron that not only protect your clothes from cooking in the kitchen, but also let you show off your personality as well. Printed in the style of Japanese samurai armor, these kitchen aprons will allow one take on the role of a warrior with power and strength in contrast to that of the softer side associated with cooking.

japanese samurai armor style cooking apron 2

japanese samurai armor style cooking apron 3

These Japanese samurai-themed aprons come in distinct designs, made to resemble three of the famous samurai warriors of ancient Japan, namely Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Uesugi Kenshin and Date Masamune.

One cool cooking apron suitable for times where you can look absolutely cool while showcasing your slicing, chopping and dicing skills. Even better for times when one is preparing Japanese food like sashimi and sushi.

The Japanese samurai armor cooking aprons are available in three designs and retail for $69.99 each from Gizmine.