super mario 8-bit cushion

This interesting-looking cushion shaped in the likes of Super Mario is one cushion that doesn’t look round or curved like other cushions do but come in the blocky pixelated style reminiscent of the classic sprites in the original games.

While the cushion will surely be a hit for a gamer’s room, the only way to get it is by earning and chalking up 400 points for exchange as members of Nintendo Game Club of Japan. Definitely one awesome treat for those who happen to be members.

Meanwhile for the rest who aren’t members, you can still get a Mario plush the traditional way without using points. Just like this cute baby Mario in a Yoshi suit, not pixelated at all but still overflowing with cuteness.

mario in yoshi suit plush

The baby Mario in a Yoshi suit plush goes for $19.99 on Amazon.