toast clock 1

Clocks are something used for telling the time. However this series of food-themed clocks will not only tell time, but make you feel hungry too.

toast clock 2

watermelon clock 1

watermelon clock 2

strawberry clock 1

strawberry-clock 2

banana clock

toasted corn on the cob clock

This series of food-themed clocks from Osazu Model of Japan consists of clock faces that go on the most unusual places. Featuring clocks on toast, watermelon and even on a strawberry tart! Besides the analog versions, digital versions are also available as well and you guessed it – they are food themed too and come in banana and mouth-watering toasted corn on the cob designs.

Definitely a cool series of interesting and cool designs for something like clocks, which humans have depended on since their invention until today. These food-themed clocks look perfect for food lovers’ homes and especially in their kitchens and dining rooms. Prices range from 3150-6300 yen per piece from Osazu Model.