juice cell external power bank 1

Batteries are essential components that allow our portable gadgets to run. With smartphones these days, external power banks are pretty much a necessity when there’s a need to keep out smartphones running for a whole day using power-intensive apps.

juice cell external power bank 2

juice cell external power bank 3

Here’s one power bank that looks exactly like what it functions as, a giant battery that will deliver that all-important battery juice to keep our phones running.

The juice cell comes with a 2000mAh capacity battery, which will be good enough to recharge a smartphone and keep it running for just a while more before the day ends. With it being carried around, you’ll be assured that your smartphone won’t run out of battery that quickly.

An interesting-looking external battery pack for smartphones and other portable USB gadgets.

The Juice Cell external power bank retails for £12.99 from IWOOT.