juice charger external battery charger 1

Here’s a external battery pack that doesn’t look like a battery at all, but looks just like a pack of juice.

juice charger external battery charger 2

juice charger external battery charger 3

The Juice charger is an external battery pack for portable electronic gadgets such as smartphones and tablets. Unlike other battery packs that come in sleek or small for factors, this juice pack simply spells bold. The most obvious being that it comes in the form of a pack of juice.

While you can say you’re juicing up your gadgets while they’re low on battery power, nothing says it better by using this battery charger which makes people think they actually contain juice.

The interesting thing is that each different ‘flavor’ of juice chargers come with different connectors, that is orange juice for universal connectors, blackberry juice for a micro USB connector and apple flavor for an iPhone/iPod connector.

A cool way to carry around an external battery pack without looking too geeky by disguising it as juice.

The Juice charger external battery pack retails for £14.99-£16.99 from Firebox.