jumbo elephant shaped cutlery drainer 1

Dish draining racks are useful for draining dishes after washing, but they are quite bulky and seem somewhat excessive for a home for singles or couples.

jumbo elephant shaped cutlery drainer 2

Here’s a cutlery draining that doesn’t come in a big size, but in a much smaller size suitable for a small amount of cutlery.

The cool thing is that it doesn’t look plain at all, but is designed into the look of an elephant while incorporating its look with its practical function. While the cutlery to be drained into its back, the water drains out through a spout disguised as its trunk, which is perfect for placing at a corner of the sink to do its job.

When the cutlery has been drained, the whole drainer can be picked up and everything can be kept in storage until next use.

A cute cutlery drainer that not only serves its function perfectly but also adds a bit of fun and life into a kitchen or pantry.

The Jumbo cutlery drainer retails for $24.90 from Amazon.