Here’s a set of iPhone 4 cases for fans of the Japanese manga and anime series K-On, featuring the five members of Sakurako Keionbu.


I think it’ll be pretty hard to choose between the 8 cases currently being offered by Strapya-World as the characters each have a ton of fans both on their own and also as a group.

Definitely a must-get iPhone casing for K-On fans where readers of K-On have seen the manga arc into two series, one showing the lives of Yui, Ritsu, Mio and Tsumugi after graduating high school and the other about Azu-nyan and her friends who are still going about their high school lives.

The polycarbonate plastic hard shell K-On cases are compatible with the iPhone 4 and retail for 2,100 yen per piece at Strapya-World.