kangaroo portable folding lamp 1

Portable lamps can be handy and useful in emergency situations, so it’s always good to carry some form of gadget capable of illumination around.

kangaroo portable folding lamp 2

kangaroo portable folding lamp 3

Here’s one weird looking piece of lighting that doesn’t look like any kind of lamp at all. It looks more like a piece of fabric which is foldable and gives off light.

This piece of lighting called the Kangaroo Light comes with triangular holes along its surface, allowing it to be folded and manipulated into many shapes and forms. As it illuminates across its surfaces the intensity also changes as the light coming off the nodes converge or diverge, making it possible to control how it illuminates an area.

It is also useful in a bag, so that you’ll be able to look into it and find the item you want easily, that in addition to using it as a portable lamp on the desk or bed.

A useful and interesting looking piece of portable lighting that can be folded like origami.

More information on the Kangaroo Light at Kickstarter.