karakuri ningyou japanese mechanical puppet

The common puppets most of us know are the ones that are controlled either with hands or are made to move around using strings, but these Karakuri Ningyou or Japanese mechanical puppets will amaze you when you see them!

Arrow-shooting puppet


These wind-up mechanical puppets that originated from 17th to 19th century Japan are able to perform complex actions as a form of performance with a wound-up spring or by turning its handle.

How such actions are produced without additional intervention by its owner during the entire event is part of the mystery in the performance; which goes to show the amazing imagination of the puppets’ inventors and their creative and profound engineering skills.

Japanese Magician puppet

Acrobatics puppet


These are some good examples of these cool Japanese Karakuri Ningyou mechanical puppets, and after watching these videos I’m still quite amazed.