In a hot and humid place like Singapore, its inevitable sometimes that your palms may get a little clammy after prolonged usage of the mouse. Now you can say goodbye to that and keep your palms constantly cool and dry with this interesting gadget.

USB OptiWind Mouse

The USB OptiWind Mouse is a mouse with ventilation outlets that meet the palm. It makes use of a fan within the mouse for driving air through the outlets, leaving a happy fragger with no signs of clammy or sweaty palms to continue on for a full gaming marathon with no problems, such as the slipping of the mouse during crucial moments.

With the phasing out of ball mice and optical mice taking over as the mainstream, the bodies of mice have been left pretty empty and so we get a few ideas now and then from manufacturers coming up with additional features by filling up the space that used to contain the ball mechanism needed to track mouse movement. This is one of the good ideas I’ve seen so far and it serves a practical purpose as well.

Who knows, even the spinning action of the fan could act like a gyroscope to stabilise mouse movement. Well, I’m just speculating though. The fan can also be switched on or off with a touch of a button if you find that the spinning fan does affect mouse movement.

The USB OptiWind Mouse goes for US$22 (SGD$32) at Brando’s online store.

via Gadgettastic