The end-of-year holiday season has arrived and many Singaporeans have planned to go abroad. Keeping our passports safe is one of the most important things to be aware of while travelling. Then again, we should be enjoying the trip instead of worrying about so many things. This is where the Zip It Passport Socks comes into play.

Zip It Passport Socks

The sock acts like an extra pocket hidden from view to keep your passport safe. This gives you the option of keeping your passport in a place other than your bag or pocket. For added protection, I think the passport should be kept inside a waterproof casing before placing it in the sock due to the proximity to the ground and much more if you’re a sweataholic. The product page doesn’t say the compartment is waterproof after all.

It comes with a nylon zipper so metal detectors are not set off and is designed for comfort too — a simple solution to a travelling hassle. They go for US$24.95 (SGD$35.93) per pair online.

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