If you have a ton of namecards, photos and stuff lying around that you would like to keep in place, these ceramic magnetic balls will be perfect for your desktop.

Desk Dots 1

Desk Dots 2

The ceramic magnetic balls each hold a very powerful magnetic charge within and can handle a good load of stuff between them. They not only serve as organisers for your namecards, you can also have some fun by creating your own paperclip sculpture when you’re bored. The makers have also come up with a video demo to show everyone how fun their product is.

Video demo and more details after the jump!

A pack of 6 goes for US$19.95 (SGD$28.91). The product website recommends for 2-3 packs for “maximum impact!”. Popgadget have also said they were sold out in 24 hours last month. Finally they’re back and hope they have more stock this time around for everyone.

Product Page via Popgadget