r2-d2 silicone ice tray

Here’s a nice little trick to make your drinks look very cool and appealing to guests at a party, and even so if they are Star Wars fans. These ice tray will freeze water into R2-D2 shaped ice cubes that will not only cool the drinks that you serve but also make them look incredibly awesome.

These ice trays are made of non-toxic silicone material which will not change the taste of ice unlike conventional plastic ice trays. Besides using them for freezing water into ice, they can also be used for even cooler stuff like R2-D2 shaped jello, R2-D2 shaped chocolate and even more.

The R2-D2 silicone ice tray is available on Amazon for $9.25 each.

han solo in carbonite silicone ice tray

However, if Han Solo is more of your type of hero, the Han Solo in carbonite silicone ice tray can be yours for $9.65.