plant nanny watering globe

Often forget to water your plants or tend to over water them? Here’s a clever garden watering tool that will take over the job of watering your plants.

The Plant Nanny watering globe is specially designed water holder that dispenses water slowly to the soil for plants to keep them hydrated and prevents them from drying out and dying. With it, all you need to do is only to make sure that there is water in the watering globe to do its job.

When the Plant nanny is inserted into the soil, water will be released over time into the soil. This will keep the soil moist so your plants will be able to absorb water when it needs to. As long as there is water in the watering globe, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to water your plants, and therefore there isn’t anything much left to do except to enjoy and watch your plants thrive and grow.

A useful and convenient plant watering tool that us easy to set up and great when going on vacations without worrying about your plants drying out.

The Plant Nanny watering globe retails for $19.99 from Amazon.