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Having a key pouch is one of the ways to prevent your delicate stuff from being scratched by your keys when they are left in the pocket or bag to jiggle about. Here’s a set of key pouches that do not hold an entire key bunch, but function like individual sleeves that cover the entire key.

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key keeper key sleeve 3

The key keeper is a sleeve that covers a whole key, including the sharp edges that can cut a hole in delicate fabric or scratch an unprotected smartphone screen. With the key slotted into the key keeper, it won’t be able to scratch other stuff as they rattle about in a pocket or bag. Unlike using a pouch, there’s no need to remove the key from its cover when unlocking the door. Simply give it a push directly into the keyhole and the sleeve flexes and allows the key to protrude for unlocking the door.

After unlocking, the flexible cover automatically covers the key back up, therefore all you need to do is to simply put it back into your pocket without any worry of it scratching anything else in the pocket as you move about.

A useful gadget for protecting your pocket from holes and mobile phone screens from getting scratched.

The key keeper retails for a set of 3 for $24 from IPPINKA.