key stick sliding compact keyboard

This is by far the best design for a compact keyboard I have seen yet. The Key Stick is a compact fan-shaped keyboard design that slides and cascades into a full size keyboard from a rectangular block. When folded up the key stick can be carried around conveniently in a tote.

Why carry around when there are already keyboards on public computers? This is part of the None Bacteria project by Yoonsung Kim and Eunsung Park, who feel that everyone should be carrying around their own keyboard as a more hygienic way of using shared computers.

While the None Bacteria project does seem a little hard to initiate on a large scale, an easier way will be to promote the key stick as a really cool gadget that everyone should be seen with while using shared computers.

key stick sliding compact keyboard 2

I think the size of the key stick compact keyboard can be reduced even further by adding a hinge in the middle. Key Stick design version 2 perhaps?