keyboard cap cellphone straps

Nobody can do without a keyboard while they’re on a desktop computer, at least for those with no access to a touchscreen monitor or alternative input method. A few steps into the future the keyboard may just as well become obsolete with the improvement in accessibility in GUI design and voice recognition technology. These set of keyboard caps will come useful as a nice little reminder of the good ol’ days of actually having to type!

Until then, these keyboard cap cellphone straps will come across as a novelty than a memory. Besides that, they also come with LED lights in them that light up to provide illumination as and when needed. A nice little accessory that has a practical function other than just for decorative purposes as a cellphone strap.


  • Keyboard button design
  • LED mini light
  • Replaceable keychain / mobile strap
  • Press to switch ON / OFF
  • Size: 24*24*24mm
  • Weight: 10g
  • Assorted buttons


    Available for $8 at Gadget4all.