keyboard drink coasters 1

Keyboards are mostly made for typing on computers and devices, but not this set of keyboards, or rather parts of them. These are drink coasters made to look like parts of a keyboard.

keyboard drink coasters 2

keyboard drink coasters 3

These are drink coasters that fit a cup or mug above and will prevent water rings on tables and furniture when drinks and beverages are placed on them. Made to look like they were part of a keyboard, the keyboard drink coasters will add a geeky touch to the feel of a home when you have guests over for a meal.

While typical keyboards should never come into contact with liquids, these keyboard coasters will be more than happy to take one for the team. A set of acrylic coasters that will suit a workstation near a computer.

The keyboard drink coasts come in a set of 4 per pack and in two colors of two, in black and white for $20 from Molla Space.