Internet lingo has been around, well since the the Internet has been around. For many of us, typing them has been an everyday affair while there are still some who are still trying to grasp a hold on the language, especially the youngins who are still learning to type.

fast-fingers-keyboard 1

Here’s a keyboard spotted by Kotaku at the Toy Fair 2010 in NYC. Called the Fast Finger keyboard, it comes with two layouts for the typing beginner. The white letters on the keyboard spell out the simple A-Z format for ‘hunt and peck’ users while the red keys when activated takes on the traditional touch-typing QWERTY format.

fast-fingers-keyboard 2

At the top row where the F1-F12 keys reside, the red pre-programmed keys spell out the most common Internet lingo around. Never does the user need perform the most tedious task of actually typing the words ‘BRB’ , ‘LOL’, or ‘CYA’ ever again.

fast-fingers-keyboard 3